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Blog-o-versary: Five Years, Time for Transitions

May 19, 2015

I’ve been blogging for five years and it’s been this most recent year that I’ve noticed a change. My posts have been less consistent but more rich. I have so much to share around my career but also in my personal growth. I am playful but also tracking events and achievements. But I hit a ceiling. It’s sad to admit but…

I am outgrowing

So I’m pushing through a transition. It’s been going on for a while now but I know now that I want to focus more on my Whitney French Writes work, fuse my effects into a professional website. But what does that mean for my blog?

I’m still balancing out options, keep as a blog on my website with updates, abandon ship altogether, use it as an archive. I’m not sure yet. What I do know, dear readers is I’m going to be blogging less but still want to talk to you all. Stay tuned for the when it hits the interwebs and we can continue our rich dialogues there.

But in the meantime and in between time, as usual, here are the highlights of last years blog posts: Frenchie’s pick:

 5. Writing in a (Harlem) Tree


In September I exiled myself to New York for two weeks after some real personal and professional challenges rocked my centre and Harlem was my sanctuary. So nourishing going to the Black Mecca.

 4. Contact Workshop

I asked the group who has ever been called a 'bitch' before. Everyone (including) teachers raised they hands.

I asked the group who has ever been called a ‘bitch’ before. Everyone (including) teachers raised they hands.

I’ve done so many workshops so it’s hard to rate which one I enjoyed best. This session I did at Contact Alternative school was so touching because I felt I was truly facilitating and the young women were exploring in an authentic self-directed way. It was less about me and my fancy exercises and more about creating space and supporting them tap into their deeper selves.

 3. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

Last year, any faithful reader noticed I didn’t write a post between May to August. Two whole months passed without me write one post. My life was in shambles. And a huge source of my pain was from a soul-sucking job. It stopped me from writing (which is life-affirming!) but also stopped me from loving myself, from loving those around me, from being myself and expressing myself. It was BEYOND toxic. So I quit, and I shared my journey here.

2. Writing While Black 


There are moments when you realize a dream materializes. Writing While Black is a commitment, a love, a dream, an obligation, a brain-child, a necessity. It’s an on-going (hopefully monthly) workshop that I had to actualize. And this year, I gave birth to a movement.


1. #31 Days of O


I am a human first and a writer second. This was my 2014 mantra. This was my truth. But a writer writes. If she does workshops, that’s a bonus. If she performs, that’s a bonus. But a writer writes and this writing challenge truly focused me to continue my long journey to create the stories that express the rhythm of my soul. This is O. This is #31DaysofO.


Honourable Mentions:

POEM: Define Break Up — No break up is truly complete without an emotionally charged poem.
Frenchie in Halifax or What to do when asked to be BOLD — My physical and emotional journey as I visit Halifax for the very first time.

#BrandingYourselfBeautiful Workshop — My excitement around a new female empowerment workshop and musings over facilitation practices.

POEM: Lunar Time (Revised) — More #31DaysofO poems, this one exploring what humans have done to the moon and how she’s taking revenge.

Thank you beautiful souls for 5 beautiful years of blogging blitz

Over and out!

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