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NERD MOMENT: This is BitBazaar

December 14, 2014

A fitting hat for the occassion


After a long trip, first a week and a half in Montreal then two weeks in Halifax, I came home to a full day of tabling at Bit Bazaar, a gamer’s arts and craft show with the lovely Sagan Yee. Only problem was, I was DOG SICK! But with a box of Kleneex and hand sanitizer, I survived and got my head in the game for the debut of haik0de.


You heard me right. That’s haiku meets code. Sagan and I collaborated to over people poetry busking that is very nerd specific. We offered pre-written haik0de about an epic quest (looking for the TV remote), feigning disappointment when friends cancel plans (introvert’s best case scenerio) and other silly such poems. We also did some customized requests included my favourite piece of the day:



Honestly Sagan is the genius behind the whole project, I’m just the muscle. All in all it was an exciting venture, we made new friends, sold some haik0de and some fun zines (we called 3 zines for 1 “THE TRILOGY!”) and shared our love of code and poetry with the world. Big shout out to Bento Miso for the dope space and all the volunteers that who gave me so much water for my hydrated sick-self.

And if you missed us and want a haik0de of your own, message me and we’ll hook you up. Plus there’s always Bit Bazaar 2015, the Spring Fair!

Over and out

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