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Fairmount Farmer’s Market

October 14, 2014



Last Wednesday, Enuma Flux invited me to perform alongside her for at the Fairmount Farmer’s Market. I simply love farmer’s markets, the vibe, the local produce, the people. Although folks usually go crazy over them during the summer (for the juicy strawberries I imagine) I love farmer’s markets during the harvest. Autumn is my favourite season so I was thrilled to be performing in my warm sweater with the smell of leaves and carrots in the air.



As a performer, I usually stress over a setlist, rehearsing, fostering the perfect mood to engage the audience. This set up was different. Enuma, a believer in spontaneous composing, encouraged a free-flowing spirit for our show, weaving our existing pieces, our skills and the energy from those around us to influence our performance. Listening to one another, incorporating the dancing children bouncing during our dub, or extending our duo to a 5-piece band of young musicians, we created something less structured but took form and evoked emotion from those around us.




The lovely Lilly Mason joined us and then we elevated to new heights. We transitioned between instruments, told stories from books we were reading, free-styled on poetry from legends, and poetry busked all while having a rotating audience, passerbyers who were buying their local foods but were also hungry for music and storytelling.

Much thanks to Susanna who welcomed us into the Fairmount Farmer’s Market, and to all who stopped to listen, joined us on stage and gave us words for the poetry busking. Here’s a piece that was written for a young girl. Her words were: ASH, HARMONY, PROSPERITY, PEACE and ICECREAM.



If you’re in the east end, please pop-by at the Fairmount Farmer’s Market and support local farmers. Tomorrow is the last one of the season so please don’t miss out! Oh and video from the day’s performances coming SOON!

Over and out!

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