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UPDATE: Toronto Queer Zine Fair

October 9, 2014
2014-10-04 11.54.36

now that’s a nice spread


The merch is out, the typewriter ribboned, the will is mighty! Yes, Whitney French Writes took on the Toronto Queer Zine Fair with full force. I busked over 30 poems, sold over 10 copies of From the Root Zine and I was so honoured to be reading during the evening portion of the event.

2014-10-04 11.54.43

look at my babies. selling From the Root Zine by the truck loads!

I will say that the TQZF has grow quite a bit from the last time I was there. This year held at the Steel Workers, there was amazing diversity among both venders and the crowd.

2014-10-04 11.55.04

freshly typed business cards

The TQZF is actively making efforts to keep the space accessible, inclusive and safe. From providing name tags indicating people’s preferred pronouns, having an ASL interpreter present, hosting the fair in a barrier-free space, to ensuring that there’s gender neutral bathroom and scent-free soap in those gender neutral bathrooms, I feel very comfortable inviting any of my friends here.

sold the last copies of "bus people"

sold the last copies of “bus people”



2014-10-04 11.55.14


THIS GUY’S name is Kai Millson Taylor and he’s a nice person. I GUESS! You see that typewriter, no he isn’t borrowing mine, he was tabling right beside me, using the same model of the typewriter as mine, typing on kraft paper just like me. It’s like wearing a gorgeous outfit only to find out the person next to you is wearing the same one.

Poetry busking is getting popular. At Expozine I met an awesome black woman who was also writing poems for people on a typewriter. I gotta up my game.

So after being sworn-enemies and then eventual sorta,kinda ‘watch-my-stuff-when-I-use-the-bathroom-and-don’t-secretly-sabatoge-me-while-I’m-gone’ buddies, we were cool. He also read during the evening too, an excerpt from a novella at that.

And now for the moment you’re waiting for, the busking!


2014-10-04 16.31.20



2014-10-04 14.39.45

three words: BLACK, TENDER, TWEET

2014-10-04 13.23.59


2014-10-04 13.23.59


three words: JUNGLE, PUSSY, PEPPER



Awesome captured moment. I love me. I’ll re-type this one:


in the crook of

an arm, cradled in

a cozy wicker basket

sit two pussy jungle peppers

a rare vegetable around

these parts.


its bright hued flesh

and its juicy sweet texture

a rarity and precious

known for it’s healing properties


this veg is like gold

the woman wielding two

grew fortune overnight

but as she hummed a tune

to couple her good moon

like magic, the peppers vanished

from view.


the forward movement

of her walk distracted

her just long enough

for jungle vines to poke

past pine, pierce holes

in the basket, plopping

the pepper back into the soil


silently stolen

or better yet returned

to the earth, to it’s

home, where the

pussy jungle pepper

throbs underground

holding hard onto its

sacred self.


So much fun!!! Video from the reading coming soon. Also if you’re down to read more of my poetry busking, check out my tumblr:

Also to check out the Toronto Queer Zine Fair fun from last year, take a glance here!

Over and out!


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