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Acoustic Flow — Second Session

October 2, 2014



And into round two. The wonderfully talented Womyn of Indigo (of which I am 1/4 of) are at it again, offering high quality song-writing workshops to the community Acoustic Flow. In the spring we launched our first 8 week workshop on songwriting, poetry and instrumentation and composing original music, exclusive for teenaged girls. This round we’re creating space for young women 18 -24. These workshops offer free instrument rentals, hands-on skills for songwriting, poetry and composing in a safe and nurturing environment. We know that there’s untapped potential in the city so please, if you or someone you know is a young woman who wants to write and play music, sign up today. Not tomorrow, not next week. Email right now to get your application form and get to owning the stage!


Interested in the epic-ness of our last session with younger women, check it out here.
For more info about the Womyn of Indigo follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

Over and out!

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