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Busking for Pedestrian Sunday

September 4, 2014

Photography Credit: Anita Abbasi


It’s been a long time, shouldn’t have left you, without some dope poems to skim through.

Last Sunday was the infamous Pedestrian Sunday at Kensington Market and to follow through with my promise to myself to busk my butt off for this one. I had a slow start and late arrival but all in all, I really enjoyed it. Here are a few photos from a day of poetry busking.



The three words were: STREET, TALL, CITY. Busking has become this strange, exciting exercise of the spirit. To not just take in the words but take in the person’s demeanour, their energy and fuse my own interpretation of all of that into a complete piece. At first I admit that I was focused on squeezing a sensical poem from the random words but it’s given birth to the most startling images, the more powerful pieces of writing I’ve written. The time crunch robs me the luxury of ‘writer’s block’ or even overthinking, and I sure as hell better give the customer their $3 worth.


One more, Stuart’s three words were: LOSS, LIFE, FATE

photo (7)


I’m totally doing more busking before that white stuff starts showing up. Just like last year, I’ll be hitting up Word on the Street Festival this September and Nuit Blanche, plus some rush hour pop-ups now and then. Follow me on Twitter if you wanna know where I’ll be at next @WhitneyFrench1 or maybe we’ll cross paths soon!

For more poetry busking check out the Tumblr!!


P.S> Big shout out to the Talent Scout site for biggin’ me up and the source of the top photo. My busking is part of their indiegogo campaign for their killer film. Check out the goods here.

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