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CALL OUT: From the Root — BODY

September 1, 2014



We’re on to the next! Issue # 2 is gonna be big. Gonna be bold. Gonna be about our bodies. Dig deep, we encourage you to think about: our emotional body, our physical body, body image, body type, body shaming, sexualizing the body, body modification, body exploration, physical and mental body, transforming body, transitioning body, navigating between gender, sex, sexuality and body, scars on the body that tell tales of your ancestry, body that bleeds for the survival of the human race, body that can only be understood by the keeper of the body, dismorphia and the body, body image (positive/negative/neutral), cannibalizing and dissecting body, glorifying body, racializing body, radicalizing body, historically preserving body, redefining a “good” body, feeding and healing and harnessing the power within the body and anything else you beautiful souls can come up with.


Here’s the details:


That’s right. Deadline is November 3rd so that gives you plenty of time to write, draw, photograph, illustrate, rant and of course SHARE SHARE SHARE to your fellow self-identified women of colour to be part of issue 2 of From the Root Zine.

For more info on From the Root Zine check out:

Facebook: photos, call out deets, interactive goodness
Website: buy copies, learn about the contributors, and more
Twitter: all of the above in 120 characters or less

Over and out!!!



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