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Blog-o-versary! Look who’s 4!

May 19, 2014


A US Presidential term, a completed university degree, a leap year, a robbery charge, a lot can happen in four years. And this blog-o-versary is no exception. Yet I’ve notices this 4th year I’ve been posting a lot about workshops, shows, newsletters, videos and the like but not so much writing. The writinginatree girl wasn’t posting about writing (bizarre I know). So, like many blog-o-versaries past, I’ll round up my fav 5 posts

5. One Punch


Busking at Nuit Blanche was once of those experiences that pushes an artist to the limit of exhilaration, fear, creativity, exhaustion and playfulness. I typed up these piece for an interesting dude, great energy, using the three words he gave me: PUNCH, DIRT, ESPRESSO

4. Mourning Moon

What originated as a writing exercise sketched on my agenda, mourning moon manifested during a time when dying and death was at the forefront of my mind. Months later I was hit with tragedy from multiple angles and its this piece that prepares me and offers slight comfort. I always performed my first piano/poem to this piece.

3. Ancient Whisper


Travel and listening to new landscapes is one of the easiest ways and challenging ways for me to write. Going to BC in spring always generates poetry but this piece in particular taps into my lifelong desire to meditate and connect with Gaia, with ancestors, with my own wild spirit.

2. Emancipation Remixed

Photography by Whitney French

Photography by Whitney French

I write articles once in a while but when I do, golly am I proud. And I was especially proud of this piece, riding with beautiful black people and our allies as we proudly recognize Emancipation Day, our history, our struggles, our continual growth and resilience. The experience of riding the Freedom Train was a moment forever locked in my memory.

1. Ecstasy


The most fun, most real and most sexy of poems to date HAS to be ecstasy. Performed with Aria Zenua on guitar, this piece is a knock out. To take in not only the words but the whole song, click here for the video clip performed at the Womyn of Indigo showcase. Otherwise you can read the poem on its own here.


Special Shoutouts!


Over and out!


***BONUS*** This will be my 300th blog post…totally didn’t plan that AT ALL!

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