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A Moment: Recap of the Shab-e She’r Reading

May 8, 2014

Photo Credit: Lisa Wong


There are moments that have to be locked into your memory forever, preserved. Recently I had one of those moments.

I often hear of people channelling the ancestors, and have even witnessed poets calling on spirits while they are performing and they hold such grace, poise and wisdom in their very being.

Tuesday, for the Shab-e She’r Reading, I truly was graced, shocked, and humbled by the presence of energies outside of myself guiding me as I read my poetry. It was totally unexpected but welcomed. Breath was the catalysis, the invitation. And the audience confirmed that the ancestors’ presence was felt.

It’s hard to explain what this means for me as a performer, a writer or as a human but it was a transformative moment for me and I am compelled to share with you all.

Unexplainable gratitude washes over me all week, I welcome the spirits to return again, it is a reaffirming sign that I am meant to write. That I must write.

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