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The Realities of Writing work and Working work

April 11, 2014

So y’all haven’t heard from me for a while.

I have a full time job and acquiring the balance to do my writing work and my working work is something still in the works. I’ve woke up earlier to write, I’ve brought my notebook to work so I can scribe during lunch breaks, I’ve pushed myself to weekday poetry shows and I’ve been performing. And yet my desire to create is dwindling.

This is not a list of excuses, it’s a reality that is tricky for me to admit. I’m open to suggestions, advice, encouragement as the ‘struggle’ continues. Not trying to lose myself to the 9 – 5 (or in this case 11-7) grind but hoping my trip to BC will bring about clarity. Gonna climb some West Coast trees. And possibly write in them.

Just thought I should update the blog-fam. I’ll be posting more frequently, probably in one big pile. Already I appreciate you reading this far with me, journeying this far with me, cheering and criticizing this far with me.

What would a little blog girl do without you?


— W


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