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Loons + Frequency + Unity = DOPE PERFORMANCE!

December 19, 2013


About six months in, I’ve decided to experiment with this poetry busking and take it to a new stage. A few weeks back I was so surprised to find myself an open mic/house party and the positive vibes were out of this world. There were musicians, poets, rappers, storytellers, dancers a whole rainbow of talent. And the best part was that it all took place at a friend’s house, the Regal Road Open Mic. It was here that I felt comfortable enough to try something new. As my performance piece, I asked the audience for three words and write a poem from it (a la regular poetry busking) but this new twist was that I asked my girl Lily Mason to play guitar and encouraged the audience to participate using hand percussions, chanting and clapping

Last Friday they did it up again, and this time we have it recorded thanks to my new-friend Asad. Take in the positive vibes that were so amply captured in this recording. Big up to Enuma for contributing her guitar riff for this magical moment and Erik Schramek for keeping the beat on the upright bass. I’ll have to admit, there’s a very real outer-body quality to this piece, be warned of the spiritual intensity you’re about to hear.

As you probably guessed, the three words were: LOONS, FREQUENCY and UNITY


And for more poetry busking, visit my Tumblr dedicated to all things typewriter!

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