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Frenchie at Word On the Street!

September 20, 2013

After just saying I was resting (and I am, I am!) I wanted to let you lovely people know that I’ll be rocking it times two at the Word on the Street Festival this Sunday September 22! Listen to 89.5 CIUT fm for my (very first) radio interview at 1:40pm, and like April O’Neil style I’ll be doing the interviewing. I’ll be tapping into the mind of Chad Pelley, author of Every Little Thing.


Earlier on I’ll be doing my busking thing (exact location to be determined but follow me on Twitter for updates: @WhitneyFrench1) and then after 2pm I’ll be hailing up all the lovely authors, presses and literacy organizations in the neighbourhood.

Not sure if I have exclusively explained my poetry busking flex but here goes! Can’t remember the first time I did (have to go into the Twitter archives) but after being incredibly inspired by my lovely musician friends, I figured, why can’t poets busk? So I got out my type writer, my roommates chair, some kraft paper, twine and some string and set off. Similar to the antics at YUBSA’s Blackfest, I began pounding out poems on the spot to people who wanted one. They offered my three words and I did the rest, scribing on-the-spot masterpieces for 2 bucks! I did a whole bunch near subway stations and at Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington too.



And as I’m getting all nostalgic, check out photos from when I used to work for NOW HEAR THIS! back in 2011, doing big things at the WOTS festival.


Check me out two years ago rocking my twists, with my literacy swag.


We had a jumbo velcro-poetry board and it was the talk of the town. Still have it somewhere in some closet.

Hope to see some friendly faces at the Word on the Street Festival! Come out and bring friends and families, roommates, co-workers, pets, the whole gang! Again, its this Sunday at Queen’s Park! Over and out


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