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CAN knock the hustle

September 20, 2013

Greetings blog-friends. I haven’t been listening to my body.

I’ve burnt myself out. I’ve pushed too hard. And now I’m obsessed with how this even happened. As you saw earlier, I had to postpone A Plate of Food (my favourite event of the year!) because I became very ill. I’m still rescheduling but I felt an odd pressure to get back on track this month, to return the stress-induced lifestyle, to spiral back into the madness that birth the sickness in the first place.

No siree. No ma’am. Not about that life.

I’m learning to be gentle with myself while still flexing my artist hustle. Balance is dope. Balance is survival. I’m still pushing hard to get my art to its apex, to give and support my community at large, to make a living off of this writing thing, but I can only get there with rest, self-love, meditation, good food and exercise.

Everyone says these things, that its important to be “healthy” but I got a rude awakening. An unhealthy artist is one who falls short, whether it is extreme and they die before their time, or they burn out and abandon their craft entirely.

Not about that life!

So, knowing that the love and time and energy I place into my craft, I have to consciously schedule time to meditate. Create healthy full meals EVERYDAY and don’t cop out on my body. I have to exercise and strengthen my body because I am a human soul first, an artist second.

So thank you in advance for being patient with my lack of posting. It took me a while to come to terms with this. And to let you know, I’m well on the path of recovery.

To solidify my point, here is one (of many) anthems that I hold dear to my heart “Colored Girls Hustle Hard Anthem” a declaration to a lifestyle of balance, creating art with integrity and honouring the body and mind through good health. Enjoy and check out Taja and Jessica’s amazing work here.

I’m going to soak my feet and write a poem. See! I can do both. Over and out.

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