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a bridge poem

July 9, 2013

When I was in BC, I was inspired to write a poem about bridges. This was the bridge that caught my eye.


The Old Skeena Bridge is the largest carved wooden plank bridge in North America, and was constructed my trees imported directly from Africa. The metal bridge George Little also referred to as the New Skeena Bridge was the one that we drove along on our travels. The piece ended up being more about relationships than bridges (figures!) but here’s an early draft for you folks.

a bridge poem


there are so many

love poems

and not enough

bridge poems


all the love poems i know of

talk about two

becoming one, souls

melting together, souls


uniting, me becoming

part of you and you

becoming part of



i much prefer


taking two things that are separate

and bridging them

together, something between

us (nothing will come between

us) except for that 100 tonne steel bridge

the two things have not transformed

but now have

access to each other, that is,

if they want access.

integrity and autonomy

intact. i like

bridge poems




truss bridge poems


it more remarkable than love

which fuses so immaculately that you

can’t decipher the individual




i will not look

for a man who will be

my match


i will look

for a beautiful bridge

that will make the transition forward —

connecting with someone

safe — enjoyable,

so i can always come back

to me.

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