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You Went Where Now?

June 7, 2013


Many of you know that in two weeks in April I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to British Colombia with two fantastic artists, one spoken word artist and musician John Akpata and filmmaker, painter, DJ and documentarian Kalmplex. The three of us ventured out into the west coast, I was travelling there for the very first time, to perform poetry, attend literary events, facilitate workshops in schools and document the whole thing. It’s tough summarizing two-weeks’ worth of work in one blog post but some of the highlights of the trip include:


  • Workshop facilitation in 3 schools in Terrace and one school in Kitsumkalum First Nations Reserve
  • Carving from a 40 foot totem pole
  • Eating lobster and drink champagne three nights straight (say word?)
  • HOT SPRINGS!carvin'
  • Flying over the mountains

To elaborate on the workshops…we did some pretty intense haiku challenges, some righteous rhyming games, (the word for the sudden death round was supremacy) and I even sang (I only sing in the shower and karaoke occasionally). At both the elementary and high school level, the quality of writing was OFF THE CHARTS! Some high school students even attended our showcase
at Cafenara (one performed!). It was blessed to make such lasting impressions and have lasting impression made on me from students that I would otherwise have no way of knowing. To be honest, I guarantee I learned more from each session than the students did.

I have sooooo many more stories to tell, but as I said, Kalmplex documented pretty much everything and once that’s completed, you faithful blog readers will be the first to see the BC fun! Returning to Toronto, I feel like a real professional. I always struggle with being “oh a writer” and “I am a professional writer” but after the trip, travelling to do what I love, I am 100% comfortable in my craft and will work hard each and every day to hone my skills. At this rate, who knows where else I’ll venture to…who knows.

Over and out.

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