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Womyn of Indigo do Tall Ships!

June 5, 2013


Toronto you have ONE more chance to see the wonderful Womyn of Indigo. For those of you who don’t know, last month 5 musicians and me, the lone poet, put together a live performance experience for the ages. Womyn of Indigo featured Enuma, Carissa Baron, Aria Zenua, Lily Mason and Dara Njeri, and I acted as the oracle of the evening weaving stories and poets to the sultry musical stylings of these talented young women. Vibes of funk, soul, rock, blues and jazz blended together for a night of collaboration, innovation and universal love.

Still high of the success of May’s show, Womyn of Indigo have been asked to perform once again, this time for the Redpath Tall Ships Festival at the Harbourfront. With a bigger stage and an even bigger audience to boot, Womyn of Indigo promise to deliver.

Check us out: June 22nd at 1pm. The Facebook Event Page is here. Be sure to read up on each other these beautiful ladies and prepare yourself to see all six grace the stage for an authentic Womyn of Indigo Experience.

See you there!


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