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Happy Blog-o-versary…Year 3!

May 19, 2013

Can you believe it? This last year flew by soooooo flipping fast peeps. This year has not only been a time of developing my blog but really seeing my career as a writer take off. I’ve been offered amazing blessings and opportunities. I’ve branched out and performed more often, I’ve been asked to do lectures and workshops and my book 3 Cities is in it’s second run! In terms of the craft of writing itself, as I grow and develop into a woman who has strength and knowledge in herself, this fully reflects the characters and poetry I am compelled to write. Thank you all for journeying with me. As always, I’ve got your top 5 blog post of the past year.

‘Writing in a Tree’

Top 5 Favourite Blog Posts

5. “I DO” Project

I do project_1

This year I’ve done many workshops with so many different groups but one has been very memorable for me is the “I DO” project through the Forced Marriage Initiative in Scarborough. Once a week me and these amazing young women would delve into deep issues of domestic violence, forced marriage and other key issues around gender violence. And we had a lot of fun getting to know each other and ourselves.

4. Womyn of Indigo


I guess because the show is next week, this has been a favourite post. I am really happen with the turn out of the Mood Indigo show in April, plus I’m stoked about the video recording of ‘Origins of Indigo”. If you haven’t checked it yet, you certainly should.

3. So Two Italians and a Black Girl Walk Into a Greenhouse


I photographed my step-by-step journey of my first trip to Allan Gardens. This unexpectedly adventurous Monday afternoon has me going back and reliving the fun, laughing at the jokes and sharing the experience with friends.

2. Black + Writer


I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about the intersectionality of being a black female Canadian writer. I attempt to deconstruct the hyper hyphenated label and explore any obligations and deviations of this title.

1. Pretty Lights


For the first time I wrote a piece in memory of someone very dear to me who past away. My goal with my blog and my writing as a whole is to open up and be fearless about my personal life spilling into my art. I hope you enjoy the piece.


Runners Up:

What Art Form Do I Practice?: A writing challenge to pen out my manifesto for my writing

Meet Mirabelle: I adopted a tree last summer and here is my photographic journey with being a foster (tree)mother

Blackfest: Whitney French Writes takes her book and poems to York University’s Blackfest, I’m a regular merchant!

Introspective: A rare glimpse of me centering myself and recognizing my insecurities

Mention of Mermaids: a poem and my very first sonnet

VLOG: Community NOT Competition: Myself and Black Coffee Poet feature in a blog about creating community among writers

3 Cities Montreal Launch: Video clips from my book launch in Montreal featuring Whitney Messam aka Enuma


And if you feel like getting especially nostalgic (it’s all good, I don’t judge) you can flip it back to Year Two Blog-o-versary or even as far as my first blog-o-versary in 2011! It’s been a beautiful three years, what wait for the next three!




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