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PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNAL: Birthday in the Bush!

May 15, 2013

Although it has been a month exactly, I’ve finally uploaded some photos from my b-day. I was blessed to spend my 26th birthday in  Vancouver. It was my first Earth-Strong away from family but my friends truly made me feel special!



So we took the Vancouver Sea Bus (in Toronto we only have a land bus) and headed to North Van.IMAG0533


Why are the trees in BC so beautiful? And old, check out the mad moss action here.


I love this one. One a typical residential street this gorgeous tree has leaves flourishing on the right half and the left half is barren of leaves. Is it because of the angle of the sun, a defect? I can only guess.IMAG0539




The beautiful (and serious) Josiane poses for this pic. She is my adopted sister for my trip, as well as a talented poet!  Ya’ll should check her out. IMAG0541


Even the thieves got jobs.



So my birthday wouldn’t be my birthday without waterfalls man!IMAG0547

Or without me posing by the Lynn Canyon Valley Suspension Bridge. Don’t mess with me, I’m wearing Tims.

IMAG0553Hopscotching on stumps…can she make it across?


So far so good.IMAG0551

And now for the moment of truth!


I made it!IMAG0555

Natural gangsta, chilling by this ancient tree. IMAG0557


Vancouver is disgustingly beautiful, I’ve decided.

Check out the intricate growth under this fallen tree. Life after death.IMAG0563

Freaking love foliage!IMAG0564

More waterfalls.


So this stunning beast is HUGE. I was literally standing on a rock with my arms high in the air just to capture the full height of this majestic tree. WORD!IMAG0575

And at the end of the trek, I give thanks and praises for a blessed birthday hike, the beauty before  me and the many more adventures to come. Soooooo happy!IMAG0587

And then I write down my journey of overwhelming exploration both physically and spiritually. Writing by the river.IMAG0606

So grateful for all the people who made my birthday memorable and for my family and friends who called me, texted me, email and sent birthday love. If you want more, watch some sweet b-day footage of me enjoying Nature’s Beauty with friends!


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