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MY Black History Month: Recap 2013

February 28, 2013


This year I pushed myself to be more introspective, honest and challenge myself. It all boils down to the “Black on Purpose” pin. My movements, my statements, my thoughts about my black self are with intention. Here’s a quick recap of my February posts:

MY Black History Month: Black on Purpose – Getting slack and taking back what I need to declare

Peel Workshop – Teaching migration stories to young minds through storytelling

Art Bar Poetry – Performing with amazingly talented poets at Toronto’s longest standing poetry series (video soon to come)

Black + Writer – Grappling with how my identity translates in my writing and how my writing affects my identity

Black Ads – Going back to the 70s and exploring how Black Pride was embraced and commercialized

I had a late start (and a busy month) and there’s always more I want to discuss like:

:: Black Love – My thoughts on the so called “preservation of black relationships” and so much more

:: Dear Africa – How Black folks perceive Africa and why she must be the focal point of our history

:: The Great Black North – How Black people connect to the natural land we call Canada and dangers with being “urban”

I’m likely not going to wait until next year to do these blog post ideas. Black History Month IS every month so be on the look out. And if you want more MY Black History Month experiences, check out my series from last year and the previous. Many many crucial and insightful topics. Space must be created for these dialogues to continue, so whether in the blog-o-sphere or in person, I hope to engage you and I invite you to explore the tough challenging thought-provoking and complex issues all wrapped up in this time we call “Black History Month”.

Over and out!


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