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Happy New Years

January 28, 2013

Jeeeeeez…2012 has been a wild year. I’ve been confronted with many challenges but also so many opportunities. For the first time since I’ve committed to being a professional writer, I feel as though I’m really living out my dream. Sappy but true, and I’ll embrace every opportunity (except the lame ones) that come my way in 2013.  So without further adieu, here’s my yearly recap:


This time last year I performed as a feature at Ellington’s Sunday Poetry and share some of my poems from 3 Cities to the public for the first time.


In February, 3 Cities was reviewed by Black Coffee Poet alongside a ‘from the streets’ video, plus the second annual MY Black History Month series pushed forward.

The Writers Room_poster

For International Women’s Day, I performed at VOICES, was showcased at ANDPVA’s Writer’s Room and spoke out during the Toronto Public Library Strike.


April, well, other than being my birthday, I launched 3 Cities!!! Nuff said.


May marked my 2nd blog-o-versary and the announcement of 3 Cities hitting it’s first bookstore ever, A Different Booklist.


By June, I travelled to Montreal for the second 3 Cities Book Launch. Check out all three videos! Plus I got all intergalactic by facilitating  a 3 day workshop with Story Planet.


Things began to heat up in July as I performed at one of my favourite art shows of the year, Jahfricans Abroad, in celebration of Jamaica’s 50th year of independence. July was also the month I adopted my dear tree, Mirabelle.


August I conceptualized, organized and performed at the show A Plate of Food with a Side of Poetry, one of my most intimate and satisfying readings to date.


September I took 3 Cities to York U for Blackfest and pumped out poems to the masses. Also I hosted the first ever HEAR/HEAR Double Bill, and was fortunate enough to be filmed by Rogers TV.

I do project_1

By October, I was running a self-publishing workshop Getting Indie With It, performing for SpeakOut Poetry and started the first “I DO” project workshop, a program to combat forced marriages and domestic violence in Scarborough communities.


The month of November was CONSUMED by the NOW HEAR THIS! Sentence CD Launch. The young offenders I work with had their poems, songs and lyrics showcased in a CD and the event featured amazing performances. MP Olivia Chow stopped by (for a full hour) and supported our project!


December I got the good news that one of my poems “a wish” was selected to be included in the anthology The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry. More info here. Plus, I was interviewed by MUSE Magazine. Umm so cool.

Needless to say, I was been mad busy in 2012 and beed mad blessed by all the amazing opportunities that came out of last year. I never would have guessed I’d be doing all these fantastic things that supports my art and feeds my spirit.

On the horizon for 2013:

  • Great Black North hits bookshelves February 2013
  • 3 Cities gets a second run to the printers (new changes in the new edition!)
  • Creative Writing workshops through Nia Centre for the Arts in February
  • I’ll be a speaker at the York United Black Students’ Alliance Mentorship Program (that’s right)
  • I’ll be in a play this summer…more details to follow
  • Travelling to Calgary in the spring (WHADDUP CALGARY)
  • A Plate of Food Part Two is in the works
  • It’s the return of Extreme French Cooking
  • Collaboration Station: I plan on working with more writers, musicians, visual artists, photographers, bloggers, dancers, filmmakers and the like.(If you fit that description and want to collab, email me!)

Embrace 2013 my people! I’ll be keeping you in the loop with cool things I’m doing if you keep me in the loop with your projects. Remember, we have the power to surprise ourselves.

Over and out!

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