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BOOKS: The Great Black North

December 19, 2012


Thank-you for your submission to our upcoming anthology The Great
Black North
.  This letter is to confirm that we would like to include
your work in our book, specifically the poem(s):

      a wish

It was a pleasure to read your words. We were
impressed with your overall presentation and the way your style meshed
with our considerations of themes, regions and genres.

NO BIGGIE!!!!  One of my poems have been selected to be published in the upcoming anthology: The Great Black North, edited by Valerie Mansion John and Kevan Anthony Cameron. The collection includes over 90 poets across Canada. I’m gonna be in the same book as Titilope Sonuga, George Elliot Clarke, Pamela Mordecai, Afua Cooper, Lillian Allen, David Delisca, ahdri zhina mandiela, Motion, Naila Keleta-Mae, Kim Dominique-Ferguson, Ian Keteku and so many other talented poets.  What an honour!

The anthology is expected to hit bookshelves February 2013 and can be  pre-ordered here. Little Frenchie’s moving up in the world.

Over and out!


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