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Whitney the Workshopper: Self Publishing!

October 14, 2012

Honouring and Weaving Stories is an interactive gathering, for people passionate about social justice. The Gathering is an opportunity for individuals from Indigenous and other racialized communities to come together to respectfully share stories, support each other and build our collective capacity to establish and maintain sustainable, healthy communities. To fundraise for this gathering taking place in early November, On Turtle’s Back run a series of workshops and I have been asked to run one!

I’m honoured to be facilitating a self-publishing workshop. As many of you know, I self-published my book 3 Cities and released it April 2012, so any tips and advice I can provide to the general public, to aspiring writers, to artists who want their work out there, I’m there.

The self publishing workshop, “Getting Indie With It” takes place at the Centre of Social Innovation at 720 Bathurst Street on October 27th from 4-6pm. The workshop is for writers who are interested in the world of self publishing. Learn the pros and cons, rewards challenges of being publisher, editor, publicist and writer all in one. It’s pretty much learning all my mistakes so you don’t have to follow suit!

Suggested donation is $20, all are welcome!

I’m especially honoured to do this workshop as I feel it’s crucial to build strong alliances among diverse communities. Not only do these connection compliment my work’s purpose and political viewpoints, but it help with my personal growth. There’s so much I’ve learned through performing and interacting with a number of community-based arts initiatives: Writer’s Room through Association of Native Development in Performing and Visual Arts, The Art of Facilitation through Nia Centre for the Arts and my recent workshop facilitation through the I DO Project associated with the Agincourt Community Services Association. This capacity building is essential to bridging gaps between communities.

There is so much more I want to learn from my fellow Torontonians about their culture, their battles and their teachings. Can’t wait for this workshop, I’m excited to contribute to the anticipated Gathering.

Over and out!

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  1. October 17, 2012 5:28 pm

    Running your own (self build|building projects) might look like a great idea, but with all those workmen comes a range of trouble, with each one blaming the others for mistakes and delays. What you need is to get all from one source, managed by them as well. That way you get the work done on time on budget (and get to keep your hair).

    • October 19, 2012 12:24 am

      Greetings Maggie, I too like my hair!

      I agree there’s a lot of hardship in self-publishing and it’s certainly not for everyone. And self-publishing looks different to different people, some people want to control everything from the font type to the editing to the design and then there’s no blaming anyone but themselves.

      Some people hire out different ‘workmen’ (or workwomen!) as you say and it can be a tornado. But publishers don’t always promise perfection. There are contracts and last minute changes. It’s all a preference, if you want control, you’ll have to put in work. If you can’t handle all the stress, let someone else control to the project.

      Thanks for your insight. Appreciate the dialogue!


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