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VIDEO: Yusra’s Story

October 10, 2012

I met the lovely Yusra Khogali at the last HEAR/HEAR show. She performed some magnificent poetry during our open mic section, we were gracious to have her.

After became Facebook friends and exchanging spoken word events that were buzzing around the city, I heard about about how Yusra was denied entry into the US as she was commissioned to perform as a spoken word artist at the Olympian Arab Festival in Seattle.

Immediately I was outraged and then I saw Yusra’s video, highlighting the injustice and ordeal she had to undergo and how she ended up missing the festival altogether because of racist accusations and assumptions of protest. But as I watched the video, took in Yusra’s articulate stance, I realized that, unlike many YouTube videos where people voice their unfiltered opinions and rage, our girl was composed, reflective, disgusted yes, but aware and conscious of her words and used them to educate. As the border officers threatened to “make an example” of her, Yusra made an example of how systemic racism runs through North America.

Thanks Yusra for making these officers accountable, for voicing your story but doing so with intelligence! Speak truth girl!

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