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September 5, 2012

Literature for Life is on of those non-profits that truly has a positive impact on their community. Every year they run unique reading and writing circles for young mothers across Toronto. They provide professional facilitators, interesting and relevant books and (I think what’s most important) a safe space for young women to express themselves.

I’m proof of how empowering LFL programming is. I never would have met my mentor Motion, or wrote 3 Cities, or performed poetry in public without Literature for Life’s influence. So when they do fundraisers, its not just for an “organization” but for the community.

This Friday, Literature for Life is hosting WORDS 2.0 featuring amazing people like Eon Sinclair of Bedouin Soundclash, Team Rhythm Works and Tanis Rideout. They really know how to throw a party! There’s gonna be catering and music, live art, graffiti, live tweeting, a killer silent auction table and so much more!

Sometimes people question  where you put your money, what you truly care about. The reality is non-profits are a service and need the support of the community to better serve the community. Events like WORDS 2.0 is a party yes, but it’s also a gathering of minds, a demonstration that charity work is everyone’s work. I care about literacy. I care about young mothers, I care about my community.

If you do too, join me at WORDS 2.0 September 7th. Show starts at 8:30pm (end ’til the early morn!) at the Glass Factory (99 Sudbury Street, near King and Dufferin). To purchase tickets online, click here or buy your tickets at the door!

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