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QUESTION: Which art form is most like streaking?

August 13, 2012

Thoughts on playwriting:

Of all the disciplines I write in, I am most drawn to dramatic writing yet I have the least amount of experience.

Drama allows me to be naked with my writing. Not to say that drama is simplistic or basic, not at all. Rather, there is so much more power in gesture. The immediacy of action, visualizing, experiencing and participating in the very story I’m creating, is what makes theatre so naked. I can write prose naked but I can only affect one person’s experience. It’s like staring at yourself naked in the mirror versus streaking on a soccer field. The streaker on the soccer field invades everyone’s comfort zone and personal space. Prose just doesn’t have the same effect that drama does on the reader/audience. There have been countless novels that simply make me weep or laugh openly on a public bus and I’ve learned to read those in the comfort of my own home. A play doesn’t yield to that luxury.

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