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Meet Mirabelle!

July 14, 2012

Mirabelle Michaelle French is a Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus dioica). I adopted her through Trinity Bellwoods Park’s Adopt-a-tree program, an environment initiative to foster young trees in the park. Mirabelle is a complete delight, I have to water her 1-2 times a week so she can continue to flourish.

I’ve been her foster mother for over a month now and I love her dearly. She situated at Dundas Street West, near the corner of Crawford.


Here’s the watering process:

I fill up a jug of water with 5 gallons of goodness for my girl.

Once both jugs are filled with water, I pop them in a cart and wheel the water over to Mirabelle.

So I make sure that there’s enough water close to the trunk but also lots of moisture outside the mud too. There’s a large circle of water that surrounds Mirabelle. I try my best to ensure she gets a deep watering so that the soil gets moisture beyond the surface. See those Popsicle sticks? They’re there to remind me which tree is my girl!


Another cool thing about watering your very own true is watching her grow. Mirabelle has been showing some new growth.

This is a new branch! Mirabelle is getting so big. (She’s taller than her mamma!)

Here’s a close up. If you notice, you see the transition between the brown birchy bark into the light creamy green steam growing out of it. She’s fantastic!

My tree stewardship has been a life-changing part of my day. Watering Mirabelle brings me back to the earth. Getting my hands dirty on a bi-weekly basis, caring for a being outside of myself, watching a living thing grow is beyond rewarding. It keeps me centred in the busy city.

Since Mirabelle is right in front of a bench, this is a great opportunity for me to interact with the community as well. One couple always ask me if I work for the city. Another gentleman discussed how people throw their butts on her roots, cyclists park on young trees (which is terrible for saplings growing in their early years!) and other concerns. I would have no other reason to talk to these people and these people would have no other reason to speak to me. Mirabelle is community-building!

My girl needs mulch, so next trip I’m gonna buy a bag and pack her up with some soon. If you’re down for adopting a tree and being a foster parent for Trinity Bellwoods tree, check out their webpage here.

Over and out!


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