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July 1, 2012

Once I’m safe in Montreal I’ll write an updated version, but for now, here’s last year’s Canadian Canon. Happy 145, we love you!

Writing in a Tree

Our country is full of talented artists from coast-to-coast, so in celebration of this great nation’s anniversary, I’ve highlighted some Canadian artists I’ve been diggin’ for the past few weeks.

Canadian Writers I’m feeling:

Crabwise to the Hounds – Jeremy Dodds – Poetry
A sparkling collection of poems hiking through forests of unnameable beasts, ventriloquist dummies, matadors, acupuncturists, sea monsters and Glen Gould-ian meditations. A real cover-to-cover read.

Butcher’s Block – Deanna Fong – Poetry
A treasure of a book, found on Bloor street in a box, Fong takes my three favorite things: food, sex and poetry (with dashes of violence) and gives them space to argue, fight and bleed into each other. Coupled with gorgeous illustrations by Bilyana Ilievska.

Holla!: An anthology of Womenz Wordz – Various Artists – Poetry
A journey through a soundscape of words, beats, songs and stories produced by young women from the Womenz Wordz Writing Circle and…

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