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POEM: Extreme Heat Index

June 20, 2012

In Toronto today there’s an extreme heat warning (with a humidex of over 40C) which timely follows the shortest night of the year, leading up to the summer solstice (aka the first day of summer!). One piece in 3 Cities is titled: Extreme Heat Index. Hope you enjoy it, its from the Toronto section of the book so it all works out perfectly! For more info on where to buy 3 Cities, click here!


extreme heat index
we stop and stare
when the sun shines that way,
when a fuck you
falls from a balcony.

an oval under armpits,
sweating through silks:
she used to love him.

a tattoo bleeds through
white tank, clings tightly to torso:
he once worshipped her.

starred lovers crossed each other
too many times, lost
themselves and birthed a bitter twin
another relationship erupts
in the city sun.
fuck you
falls off the balcony.

a lady with a cart of canned goods
lets looses a whistle
wedged between teeth.
a boy cranes his neck
and laughs, his dog sniffs
the heels of feet.

a bearded man
stretches to hear their banter
a cigarette falls from his ear
he snatches it from hot concrete
as heat rises off rooftops
as passions burst into flaring novas

before the crackling burns out, before she blocks his
number, before he searches for her in a bottle, before
four bystanders bear witness to bloodshed —

her faded fingernail polish taps her temple
his eyes skim over her bare shoulder.

she disappears with a door slam
he kicks down the lawn chair.

the violence is swept away
with the smog, and sewage
swells in the air.
CP24 reminds us
to stay in the shade.

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  1. February 16, 2013 12:30 am

    Like you, I have been writing for 25 years (give or take) smiply for the pleasure of crafting my thoughts on paper. In the early years there were lots of notebooks filled and lots of clacking on the typewriter. Thank goodness for computers! Since you have a blog with AEG I am assuming that you have a book in production, even though you said you didn’t have anything published yet. Persevere! My first book came out last year and I am looking forward to many more to come. I am also a SCi-fi/fantasy buff, by the way. Keep on clacking!

    • February 16, 2013 4:01 pm

      Hey Tatiana,

      Thanks for visiting the blog and sharing your writing journey. I use my computer mostly but still have a manual typewriter when the mood strikes. My first book 3 Cities was self-published in March 2012 ( so yes, I guess I did persevere. Digging sci-hi, digging that you’re digging the blog. Pop in again soon.

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