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April O’Neil: Super Fun Short Films

June 16, 2012

Photo Credit: Jag Gundu

Another April O’Neil article that I wrote for the Annex Gleaner about The Film Student, a reality show about film students attending The Toronto Film School. I interviewed the Massey Bros., Hart and Yale Massey, are the co-founders of the television program along with three students from the show, Ho Anderson, Armen Bunag and Daniel McIndoe.

The dynamic of interviewing a big group all at once was awesome and much preferred. We just chatted like a bunch of friends, discussing the premise of the show, how it effects them and the challenges of being an indie filmmaker in Toronto.

For the online version of the article (I’m fancy huh?) click here or scope out local vendors and corners for copies of the Annex Gleaner in and around the Annex.

Sidenote: April O’Neil in the original comic book from 1987 (good year) looks completely different than the tried-and-true red hair yellow jumpsuit. I kinda like her better this way. Our hair looks more similar now so I won’t have to go out and dye mine red now. Or orangey-red.

Doesn’t she look 80’s bad ass? The only thing was she was a scientists assistance in the comic, not a reporter. Tsk!

This is Whitney French reporting for Channel 6 News.


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