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MUSIC: Shamelessly Sad Songs

May 25, 2012

So you all heard the Shameless Summer Tunes mixtape, and if you didn’t please check it here. I’ve been going through an “emotional time” and what’s a better cure than music? It started off with innocent Boyz II Men and exploded to a full blown love for Michael Bolton.

Yeah, that guy. It was becoming unhealthy. I would serenade in the shower, belt out ballads with my wooden spoon as a mic, I’d walk down the street in tears while singing to Dan Hill. I can’t make it stop. Most of these songs open with a sentimental piano intro, followed by the words “everlasting” “broken-hearted” and of course the classic ” baby”. Check out the poll at the bottom and vote for SIDE A or SIDE B. Enjoy, but be warned some of these tunes bring about tears. Like streams.


How Am I Supposed to Live Without You – Michael Bolton: I can’t not help but cry to this song, even while watching the Sidekicks commerial.

Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler: A karaoke classic, forever’s gonna start tonight.

These Arms of Mine – Otis Redding: Like a friggin’ faucet. My heart swoons.

Take My Breath Away – Berlin: Two words people: TOP GUN! Yeah, I went there.

Sometimes When We Touch – Dan Hill: The honest’s too much.

Careless Whispers – George Michael: I sing this walking down the street and even the dogs are afraid. SOOO Shameless.

Everytime You Go Away – Paul Young: You take a piece of me, with you *sob*

Cry Baby – Garnet Mimms featuring The Enchanters: No disrespect to Janis, Garnet makes me wail. This is my go-to cry song in the shower.

I Would Do Anything For Love – Meatloaf: You ever wonder what he’s referring to when he sings “But I won’t do that!” Me too.

Sea of Love – Phil Phillips: DIS IS MY TRACK! Solid vocals.

A Change’s Gonna Come – Sam Cooke: GO FRIGGIN GOOD! Beautiful song, no shame factor here.

Bridge Over Troubled Waters – Simon and Garfunkel: This tune for my moms. Big S&G fan

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow – The Shirelles: That’s the big question, baby.

Cheater’s Waltz – T.G. Sheppard: Although not the original, it’s the best cover of this song, so sad, even for cheaters.

It’s Only Make Believe – Conway Twitty: I LOVE THIS MAN for singing this incredible song. Straight off the vinyl.

Band of Gold – Freyda Payne: Talk about heart-break, poor woman is married to a man that don’t love her. Oops spoiler.

Grapevine – Marvin Gaye: The only thing sadder than this song is how Marvin got shot. What a voice, what a man.



I Have Nothing – Whitney Houston: I remember singing this in the office when no one was looking. Yeah, I was the one who used up all the tissues.  So proud to be named after this talented woman. RIP Whitney.

Have You Ever – Brandy: Have I ever played this song without getting teary eyed. No.

Weak- SWV: This one goes out to my cousin Tracy. Tear-jerker fo’ real

Tear in Heaven – Eric Clapton: I can’t even deal with this song right now. It’s too much.

Nobody Knows It But Me – Babyface: “How blue can I get, you can ask my heart, but like a jigsaw puzzle it’s been torn all apart” SO GOOD!

Hero – Mariah Carey: Grade 6 slow dance. I danced to this one alone.

Dance with my Father – Luther Vandross: RIP Luther. We miss you.

Kissing You – Des’ree: Shaming myself on the bus and covering my face because I’m weeping HARD to this tune.

Unbreak My Heart – Toni Braxton: When I was eight I understood heartbreak from this tune. Eight!

Angel of Mine – Monica: Two words: SPACE JAM!

I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing- Aerosmith: Other than the Lion King and Bambi, Armageddon was one of the earliest movies I full out bawled to.

End of the Road – Boyz II Men: The spoken part is the best!

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls: Got a lot of slack for posting this video on Facebook. I DON’T CARE! Still crying.

Last Kiss – Pearl Jam: She’s gone to heaven so I got to be good, so I can see my baby when I leave this world.

Animals Were Gone – Damian Rice: Honestly every Damian song makes me cry, but this one has ex-boyfriend history.


There are so so so many others but I tried to narrow it down the level 10 tear-jerkers. Vote for which side you like best. You know where I stand: BOTH!

Happy crying! Wait…

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