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Happy Blog-iversary: Year Two!

May 19, 2012

Two years ago I was unemployed, living with my parents (in Bradford), without a university degree and generally unhappy. I believe in making my own ‘destiny’, being able to change things in order to get what I want. The hardest part for me two years ago was to figure out what I wanted. Year two with has been about change, celebrating victories, tackling obstacles, getting good and personal about my work and just writing nonsense to the blog-o-sphere. I’m still writing in a tree, two years later, but the view has changed, and so have I!

Here’s my top 5 favourite blog post for year two.

‘Writing in a Tree’

Top 5 Favourite Blog Posts:


5. Monday Night Duck Hunt

This is hands-down one of my favourite Nerd Moments I had the pleasure of writing. Nerd Moment developed in year two as I couldn’t keep my geeky behaviour to myself. MNDH explores the intricate tactics for playing this Nintendo classic.

4. Today’s the Day!

This second year of blogging has all been about 3 cities. From the inception, with help from Womenz Wordz, to testing out early drafts of various poems on writinginatree, my biggest accomplish of my writing career is writing this book. It wouldn’t have happen without the support of my blog family.

3. Overgrowth

This photographic journal is visual journey of overgrowth around the city. I’ve always been mindful to remember why I started this blog in the first place: because I love writing in a tree!

2. Inspired by six-year old me!

Of all my poetry posted online, this one is the most intense. One day I found something that I wrote at age six and I was inspired to scribe my experience of childhood loneliness and the strength of imaginary friends.

1. Kingston Light

I am a storyteller because my grandma is a storyteller. In this video, my grandma reads a poem by Yannick Marshall about Jamaica and I’m honoured to say this is the best blog post EVER!

There are too many good ones to just do five. So, just like last year, I’ve included some especially special honourable mentions:

Our Runners Up:

Learning about Labyrinths: My longest blog post and my first journalistic post, tracing the origins of labyrinths in Toronto.
Shameless Summer: Turn me up in your headphones! Here’s my mixtape of shameless summer tunes.
Canadian Canon: A Whitney-style look at amazing Canadian artist for July the first.
13 Ways to Look at a Library: My love for the Toronto Public Library gushes all over this blog post! Gushes!
Fire Worship: A photographic journal of me celebrating the vernal equinox.
MY Black History Month – SPAWN: My favourite black superhero faces some major scrutiny for Black History Month
Bus Muse: My micro-fiction piece about being inspired on the bus, by both the artist and the muse
Ed-TREE-cation: I’m actually learning the names of trees! She can be taught!

If you want more (I know you want more) check out last year’s blog-iversary post for archived goodies. Thanks for another great year peeps! I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon, so read on dear readers!


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