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3 Cities at A Different Booklist

May 18, 2012

3 Cities makes it to the bookshelf of another wonderful independent bookstore! I took a self-publishing workshop at A Different Booklist, a little under a year ago with 3 Cities in my sights. The workshop was run by co-owner Itah Sadu and Eric Kim, two established authors, one of children’s literature and the other a graphic novelist. This workshop equipped me with the tools and better yet, the confidence to tackle on the mission to publish my own book. At the time, I had a kinda-sorta-maybe-I-can-do-this feeling but as luck would have it, I did do it! And I’m honoured to have my book at A Different Booklist.

A Different Booklist is a fabulous store located at 746 Bathurst Street, near Bloor. It’s a central location with a cornucopia of  African-Canadian Caribbean literature. Running for over ten years, A Different Booklist as mentioned distributes books, but also runs workshops, reading events, launches, conferences and other community events. When speaking with co-owner Miguel San Vincente about having my book there, we couldn’t stop talking about literature, social justice. We struck up a great conversation about Montreal protest currently happening in regards to tuition hikes and how these conflict have mirror student upsurges from back in the late 60s. It’s always great visiting and chatting with bookstore owners who speak knowledge (take that Amazon).

Be sure to visit A Different Booklist for a copy of 3 Cities or click here for their website and order a copy online! You hear that world? You can order my book online! Fancy that.

Over and out!


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