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May 17, 2012

WHAT: HEAR/HEAR Reading Series! The 17th one to date, a fundraiser for creative writing workshops through Operation Springboard benefitting young offenders in the Toronto area. A wicked awesome party of music, poets, young voices, raffles, drinks and laughs!

WHO: This month’s line up includes the prolific Spin el Poeta, Jamaias DaCosta, Jef Kearns and James from the Songs

WHERE: The Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave), near College in Kensington Market

WHEN: May 30th, from 6:30 – 8:30pm (but the after party is in full effect) That’s a Wednesday night people. We get messy in the mid-week!

WHY: Incarcerated youth are in a unique situation where they are hidden from the public, have confidentiality rights as minors but are profiled and discriminated even after their charges have been cleared or settled. They are real ‘invisible children’ who are dealing with layers of self-loathing, poverty, misconstrued street dreams, inadequate support systems. Writing is a powerful tool that breaks the conventions of anger-management, psychological assessment and ‘fixing a problem’. These workshops encourage expression, nothing more and offer opportunity to develop self-worth and success. The fundraiser is to ensure that these programs continue in Toronto.

FOR MORE INFO and to get INVOLVED:, or drop me a line on the blog

Check out the Facebook Event Page here and RSVP!

Over and out!

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