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Back to the Fiction!

May 16, 2012

3 Cities is great! So happy to have completed a complete work of poetry. But fiction, I miss you so. It’s time to go back into time (GREAT SCOTT!) and tackle some older pieces of fiction I’ve neglected since the 3 Cities tornado. I’ve been very used to writing in poetry, short succinct stanzas but I’m so hungry for strong character archs, plot development, description, big-o-sentences!

I’ve been rummaging through my blog fiction pieces and realize I’m truly lacking. I’m gonna try to include more short pieces to the blog more frequently for my prosaic pals. And I also need to read more short stories! I’m obviously obsessed with the wordsmithery of Column McCann but I’ve been really digging the speculative fiction of Brain Harvest (who’s website got murdered by an awful 404 error!) and Salty Ink gives me a nice cannon to peruse, but I am curious to see what you fine bloggy folks are reading in terms of short fiction. Specifically Canadian short fiction, but really anything will do. I’m looking for new/emerging types to get the old blood boiling.


Drop me a line peeps!


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