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3 Cities in Accents!

May 3, 2012

After the launch, many people asked me where they could buy 3 cities. I offered to ride my bike to individual houses and they can buy them out of my bag but that didn’t seem all too professional. Chapters doesn’t touch self-published books (and frankly, I don’t touch Chapters) so I wanted my book to be in independent bookstores. I’m am grateful to have 3 Cities at Áccents Bookstore, 1790 Eglinton Avenue West, not only as an independent bookstore but also because Áccents feels like family.

The store owners Abubacar and Michelle are in my neighbourhood, I can walk to Áccents in ten minutes. I’ve been to some great events at the store, one for International Women’s Day and another for the Poetry is Not a Luxury Series, each event was unique and socially aware, while being intimate and supported community-building ideas. Abubacar has been exceptionally accommodating in terms of the Springboard workshops I run with young offenders, offering us a space in the basement to run workshops, have lunch (stewed beef, rice and peas, oxtail gravy!) and each of my youth got to choose a book of their own from the store. In the short time I’ve connected with Áccents, I feel part of the family indeed.

Again Áccents Bookstore is located at 1790 Eglinton Ave West, on the corner of Dufferin. 3 Cities is on sale for $15. Don’t she look pretty there on display? Makes momma proud! You can check out the beta site here, where you can see photos of some poems, video and reviews of 3 Cities. Keep your eyes peeled as I’ll be blogging about my next independent bookstore holding 3 Cities, A Different Booklist.

Over and out!


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