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May 2, 2012

Street art meets video game classic. That’s right, I’m talking about Invader

I’ve been following Wooster Collective since I got dial-up internet at my house when I was 14. Wooster is an amazingly comprehensive site cataloguing the movements and art of famous and infamous graffiti and street artist around the world. Its because of Wooster that I was introduced to the genius of Banksy, Roadsworth (who I later met in Montreal), Above, Faith47Sam Flores (have like 3 of his t-shirts), Marc Jenkins, Jorges Rodriguez, Elbow Toe, Obey, Miss Van, Ween, Sam3, Gaia, Cena7 just to name a few of the many many MANY others who influenced me to be creative, political and to reclaim the city. Click on the links to see my fav pictures from each artist.

Street art has a special place in my heart, I went to prom with the only graffiti artist in Bradford and I tried a bit of vandalism myself in Montreal (you have no photos, you have no proof!). Either way, street art is an often misunderstood medium and for years I’ve been trying to write a short story that captures the underground graffiti culture. I had a crack of it in second year, it got chewed out in the workshop. I’m still at it though.

Invader is wicked as he talks to my soul: in pixels! There’s no reason on the planet why anyone would call this vandalism. Just look at it! The dude pasted tiles of Mario jumping in Paris!

Over and out!


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