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April O’Neil: So Now I’m a Reporter!

April 22, 2012

Journalists is the preferred term (there’s an air of professionalism to it, reporter reminds me of annoying people with microphones in your face) but I’ll take both. It’s no big deal, but I’ve taken the plunge and I’ve been writing for a local paper, The Annex Gleaner and I’m ‘covering stories’ around the city. It’s actually really exciting. I got my tools:


voice recorder


Haven’t been issued any media badges yet (shiny laminante) but I am enjoying interviewing people, getting to know the city and the city-shakers better, plus writing on a deadline is a much acquired skill that I want to learn. It’s almost like being in school again, cramming to finish an essay last minute, except I actually want to write these articles. I’ve seen it a few times before, but I always get excited about seeing my name in print. That’s the ego talking, but it’s true.

Not to mention I finally get to emulate one of my favourite female fictional characters: APRIL O’NEIL! She’s so lucky, I was incredibly jealous of her as a child, you know with the whole hanging out with all four of the Ninja Turtles AND being the (seemingly only) reportor of Channel 6 News. Not looking for a career in journalism, but I do take great pleasure in writing articles, especially on local topics.

So with each article I write, I’ll be providing a ‘Director’s Cut’ version on my blog. All the goodies that couldn’t be squeezed into the 600 word limit. Likely the extra goodies will be tangential (yay off topic!) and possibly controversial (yay politics!) so be on the look out for articles from me.

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