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Fire Worship

April 8, 2012

Vernal Equinox (March 21) is the first time of the year that the day is longer than the night, marking the beginning of spring. Although I was supposed to post this photographic journal weeks ago, it’s here now. And look, it actually feels like spring. Please note that all these photographs were taking by Alegra Kandiyoti, an especially talented young woman that I tutor.

Part of my edTREEcation: Hello Titia Platyphyllas Scop. You one big leaf liden.

And then it was shortly after that Big Liden had something strange hanging from its limbs. Other trees. Pines to be specific. Trees hanging trees. An eerie scene, a spooky lynching of last year’s dead trees. They were hanging to dry out for the sacrifice. What sacrifice you ask?

This sacrifice! We made our way to the beach where a bonfire was starting. Out of nowhere all these ‘worshippers’ showed up with drums and horns, taking mark on the sand dragging tree carcasses. This is one of the early sacrifices of the evening.

One the sacrifice hit the pit, the fire showed its appreciation, flaring into a hot blast. A mini inferno for each tree burnt.

Pyrotechnical entertainment. This young woman was amazing. That’s one hot hula hoop.

As it grew darker, more and more people got involved.

I’ll admit, I got into to it too.

I quickly transformed from innocent bystander, to mesmorized fire worshipper. Pretty fire.

The lanterns were beautiful too. Homemade, much like the one I did for the winter solstice.

It’s crucial to recognize seasons changing. The Vernal equinox is a time of activation and growth. Winter (albeit not much of a winter) has passed and nature springs forth. Days increase and people are energized. Spring is very worthy of celebration. Fire worship has helped me to observe the cycles in nature and encouraged me to harmonize with the rhythm of the earth. There were a handful of ridiculously drunk people ‘harmonizing’ and ‘getting free’ too. Good for them.

Nature’s balance point allows me to understand my own equilibrium. So grateful that my extended family invited me to Ward Island to focus on change. Happy spring dear readers!

Over and out!



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