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Today is the DAY! Fo Real

April 5, 2012


Eat a big breakfast [CHECK]

Wax my eyebrows [CHECK, thanks lovely Indian lady in East York. 7 bucks is a steal]

Practice poems while walking down the street  and scaring my neighbours [IN PROGRESS]

Hang up posters at The Central [Ummm…shoot!]

Facebook remind the world [DOUBLE CHECK!]

Tweet the single most important day of my life (save your birth) [TRIPLE CHECK]

Call mom, for moral support [X] What terrible timing to have a bummed phone

Email mom and demand she comes to the city to give me a in-the-flesh hug [CHECK]

Confirm with musicians and ensure they know when sound check is [CHECK]

Meditate [X]

Yoga [X] I ain’t got 18 dollars for hot yoga today

Ensure there’s money on the Visa for my running tab tonight [X]

Ensure that I pack a few tall boys in purse [CHECK]

Make sure someone is (wo)manning the merch table [CHECK] Love you Rachel

Fight the nay-sayers and negativity from my mind [SEMI-CHECK] they keep coming back

Iron my awesome one-piece [CHECK]

Pack up my books [D’UH]

Breath [CHECK]

Actually breath [CHECK]


I think I’m ready for this thing!

3 Cities Book Launch @ The Central (603 Markham Street), FREE, show starts at 6pm. Come see a nervous wreck in person! Wish me luck!

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