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3 Cities presents…Jef Kearns

April 2, 2012

Poetry is your heart breaking apart like your breath in the air.
Poetry is a missing poster looking for all the romance, beauty, and similes that were never there.
Poetry is reconstructive surgery that wants the scars to show.
The first time I performed poetry on stage was the first time I met Jef. He was the ‘cool’ factor on stage, accompanied by a full band, his flute playing never left the narrative when I tell the story of my first performance. “And this guy was playing soul-flute and yo, it was like I was in Harlem. It was so smooth.” After admiring his talents from a far for so long, its a wonder (and a privilege) to be friends. Just like how he’s part my first poetry memory, he’s being written into my first book launch memory too!
Jef Kearns has had a piece of metal in his hand, and his purpose in his mind for over two thirds of his life.  The metal: his flute, an instrument he seemingly picked out of thin air when his parents asked him to choose an instrument to study. His purpose: to show the world its place as a featured instrument in urban music. Jef was recently chosen as the Top 20 YouTube auditions (out of over 3700 submissions) for Canada’s Got Talent, and was featured on CBC TV’s commercial for a music competition called, Cover Me Canada. Jef Kearns uses a variety of musical tempos to show that the flute is a versatile instrument. He is a creative soloist, but he does not overdo it, and is more than willing to work within a context that includes vocalist, poets and other musicians. Jef is currently working on his second album entitled “Back Again”.
See Jef’s mastery first-hand at the 3 Cities Book Launch, and grab a sneak-peek in the video clip below.
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