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3 Cities presents…Whitney Messam

March 30, 2012

I believe poetry is a lot like music in the sense that rhythm, imagery and “flow” are so key in their creation and execution. As a singer and songwriter, I understand the power of words and the sense of empowerment, freedom, or unburdening of one’s heart that takes place when you have the need, space, and courage to verbally express what you think or feel with another individual or the world at large. The meeting of spoken word with music? Now that’s a beautiful interaction that has the ability to transform all participants of the experience, artists and art lovers alike

Whitney is my twin. Beyond sharing the same name and same birth year, we share similar tastes in music, the same appreciation for literature, the same enthusiasm for life. My girl is beyond talented, with a voice that makes people stop dead in their tracks and mad stylings on the guitar. I couldn’t do the 3 Cities launch without her.

Hailing from the small town of Kitchener, Ontario, Whitney Messam is a versatile songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. After years of performing on a choir and as a member of a gospel duet, she has managed to cultivate a repertoire of music that at turns sounds contemporary and at turns roots itself in the blues. Although her songs flow through different genres, her love for jazz music shines through the straightforward nature of her lyrics and her sultry vocals. She has appeared on CKLN 88.1 FM , has played several venues around town, and she is currently making steps to take her music abroad in the near future.

Check out this clip of Whitney, performing live at The Free Times Cafe, when she performed for NOW HEAR THIS!


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