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3 Cities presents…Mario Munoz

March 29, 2012

For me music and poetry is the same thing just different formats but in a way they are the same. When I write a song, it’s not completely done until I have to write lyrics. In music, the poetry is kind of like half-and-half, they go together, and my music and all kinds of music, use poetry. The notes are the same things as the words. I take the same amount of care in both music and the poetry.

Mario Munoz is a dear friend of mine and I’m grateful to have him perform at my event. The first time I met him was at a rehearsal and right away I knew he was talented beyond words.

Mario Munoz, is a Chilean-Canadian “trovador” born in Valparaiso. At the age of 14 he got the chance to listen to the music of Silvio Rodriguez, Los Tres and Nirvana where the acoustic guitar was the dominant instrument. His grand uncle, a guitarist himself, taught young Munoz his first cords on the guitar. Six months later Mario was emigrating to Canada where he mastered the guitar. As years past, Munoz gravitated towards the genres of pop rock, progressive rock, jazz, boss nova, classical, fusion and Latin folk. Mario’s music can be heard on 91.1 JAZZ FM, and he has performed at Royal York Hotel, Polish Festival in Roncesvalles, TD Toronto Jazz Festival and at various venues across Toronto, in Mexico and Spain. Mario has not only mastered the guitar but he plays bass, drums, piano, the upright bass and any other instrument he can get his hands on. His first album Voy was released in 2007.

Mario Munoz is releasing his second album Das por das no mas this Saturday, March 31 at Vida Lounge (1345 St Clair Ave W) and he’ll take the stage at 10pm.

When I asked Mario what a trovador was, he laughed and said “it’s a guy singing poems with a guitar.” He’s a perfect fit for the 3 Cities Book Launch, hope to see you there so you can see his talent first hand.

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