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March 22, 2012

March is getting crazy with all these amazing events happening. One you can’t miss is the 15th session of HEAR/HEAR Reading Series. And when I say reading series I mean there will be poets, fiction writers, rappers and songwriters laying out words in the air for all to hear!

I work with NOW HEAR THIS! and facilitate a creative writing intiative with youth justice service Operation Springboard. Twice a week, me and a professional writer (either a hip hop artists, journalist, poet or fiction writer) go into open custody houses and run programming for young offenders. Males between 14-17, these youth have been in conflict with the law and receive minimal education. These guys are hungry for a productive, creative outlet and for almost a year, we’ve been bringing in fresh alternative workshops to get the youth writing.

The Lineup:

Chris Harris aka Wasun: Springboard writer and workshop facilitator :: Hip hop artist :: community activist :: doctorate of education :: Streets to Homes Worker ::

Ibi Kaslik: NOW HEAR THIS Writer :: New York Time Bestselling Novelist :: Workshop facilitator  for Workman Arts :: U of T Professor ::

Sheniz Janmohammed: Spoken word artist :: Published poet :: Social activist ::

James from the Songs: Singer songwriter :: Music producer for children’s entertainment :: Foodshare Toronto volunteer :: Eco-gardens facilitator ::

HEAR/HEAR is a fundraiser meets party meets artistic performance. The event takes place at The Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave) from 6:30 – 8:30, Wednesday March 28! It’s pay-what-you-can (suggested $5 but if you’re broke, we won’t turn you down, trust) and all proceeds go to the development of these essential workshops.

There aren’t another type of literacy workshops in youth custody homes in the city. So please come out and support. If you can’t make this event, we’ll be running HEAR/HEAR event in May, July, September and November of this year. Stay tuned for the deets.

So to recap:

WHAT: HEAR/HEAR Reading Series
WHEN: Wednesday March 28, 6:30 – 8:30pm
WHERE: The Supermarket (268 Augusta Ave)
WHO: Wasun, Ibi Kaslik, Sheniz Janmohammed, James from the Songs
WHY: To support Operation Springboard workshops, to support local artist who don’t just drink coffee at Starbucks but are making meaningful contributions to their community, to support me, the co-host because you love me. The other host is the lovely Courtney Deluzio.

RSVP: or on Facebook here.

See you there!

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