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Voices: An Art Exhibit w Literature for Life and Steam Whistle Brewery

March 15, 2012

I get down on myself sometimes. Tell myself I’m not pushing my writing enough. I’ve become complacent, lazy, uninteresting. We all bully ourselves. And I was really kicking the crap out of myself one day when I got a phone call from Erin Shaw from Literature for Life asking if my poetry can be used in an art exhibit. My words. In an art exhibit.

Take that bully!

Wednesday March 7 I had the pleasure of not only having my words incorporated into artwork but also I was asked to perform too! I was first up, warming up the crowd and there was a full house! The evening featured wonderful talent from poets from the Holla! anthology, amazing visual arts from all female artists and a screening of “Women with Words” a documentary by Anna Piszczkiewicz, a film following our writing circle.

The night was such a success, so much so that I sold 6 copies of 3 cities, my largest sale to date! Which reminds me, check out 3 cities website for info on the launch (April 5th, Trane Studio, 6pm!), the book, my poems, some photos and how to get you’re very own copy.


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