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3 cities book launch!

March 15, 2012

The countdown begins now!

3 weeks from now, yours truly will be launching her very first collection of poetry. Self-promotion is annoying but c’mon, I’m soooooo stoked about this party. First of all, 3 cities is a wicked book. It took lots of work and I’m so proud of the final product. And that’s me being modest.

Second, I like to party. A lot of other ‘book launches’ or ‘literary readings’ can be dry and elitist and, let’s just say it…BORING! But this is Whitney, you’re talking about (who apparently talks in third person). I can’t stand boring. I’m allergic! So the night is a tribute to poetry in all of it’s awesomeness. I am so blessed to be accompanied by three amazing musicians, poets in their own right: Jef Kearns, Mario Munoz and Whitney Messam. Drums, flutes, guitars and wicked vocals, poetry and music are practically getting married on the stage.

Third, my blog-family and my writing family, my WwW family, my tweak family (you know who you are!) and my birth-family are all coming together to celebrate. ALL GOOD VIBES! So again the details:

WHAT: 3 cities book launch!
WHERE: The Central (603 Markham St, Bathurst and Bloor behind Honest Ed’s)
WHEN: 6pm sharp! Not black-people-time. Actually 6pm
WHO: Myself, featuring Jef Kearns, Mario Munoz and Whitney Messam
WHY: Do you even have to ask?

Facebook event page here!

***PLUS*** The 3 cities website is finally up (and semi-functional). Check it out at


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