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Sunday Poetry Ellington’s

January 26, 2012

I was reading on one of my old journal entries from Jan 2010 and I remember watching a program about the dub poetry collective, a phenomenal group of dub poets congregating at this place called Ellington’s. On TV and living in Bradford, anywhere in Toronto looked exciting. I never thought that in less than a year, I’d be on that very stage, having fabulous artists like Steve Hall and the prolific Charles Roach hosting my performance.

December was a great month for performing and after all my jitters were gone (who am I kidding, I still get nervous) I was asked to be a feature at Ellington’s Cafe. I am blessed! And what’s even better is the amazing support from my family and friends.

Left to right: Auntie Lorna, big sister Carla, Mom, and little sister Nicki all grooving out at Ellington's

All this was solid prep work for my 3 cities launch. That’s right! March 2012, I’ll be launching my first collection of poetry that I’ve been ranting about so much. More details to come.

Me, being all poetic and such

And yes, I know I said I’d let my blog family know when I’d be performing next. Shame on me.

Thanks to all the other awesome performers, and for Ellington’s for creating an inviting warm space for me to share my work. If you’re looking for a spot to perform, email Ellington’s and ask to be featured. Over and out


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