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POEM: Inspired by six-year-old me!

January 26, 2012

trouble is the worst thing

that can happen to a kid

being in it

around it

being called it

i was out of it whenever I could

but john makes trouble hard to avoid

a poem inspired by my six-year-old self, to be featured in 3 cities!

the remarkable language of a six year old girl

to an old friend

his teeth buzz in the classroom

mrs. gorecki shushhhs me

and the vibrations stop.

we start again and

rotate around his thought

like a moon rock




isn’t a physical quantum

although he has blond hair


he grew up in a home

where ideas were met with violence

but he’s safe now with me.


he told me

i am me,

no one else

can do what i do

can see what i see

not even him.


we talk by buzzing through our teeth

conversations amassing

one solid shape

containing all parts of the thought

our exact ideas

photocopied by sound


somehow i knew that this

is exactly how he sees the world

what if we could all be each other

if only for a moment?


he wants to share with me

thoughts I’m afraid to hear:

about trouble

about lies

about death


there’s a tree stump

cornered against a fence

where i sit alone

processing john’s ideas

tracing the rings of the trunk

with my middle finger


i thought i heard him once

when i hadn’t seen him in a while

it was just some kid

blowing on wax paper


with john, it’s possible

to have a real imaginary friend

to unlock a superior method

of communication



as simple and as complex

as a smooth rock

placed into the palm

of a person’s mind

consciousness perfected


now everyone

can do what i do,

can see what i see

we all hover over the same thought

and just think


someone peed on this carpet

where we’re sitting, exchanging alternate

universes (long before I knew what a

universe was)


and the vibrations stop

when the teacher whispers concerns

into my mother’s ear.


some days i wish i were

imaginary too.


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