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The Year of New Happiness

January 11, 2012

Happy New Year blog readers and I invite you to welcome 2012 into your lives. I love making resolutions, I am drawn in by the adventure of setting (realistic) goals as a means to better one self. I’ve been more attentive to personal goal setting the past couple of years and I like making monthly goals instead of yearly ones. That way if I botch up, I can start over the next month. Keeps me in check and on my toes. I’ve missed a few marks (big apologies for the December hiatus) and last year made goals that I’m recycling this year. No hard feelings, its all fun and all progress.

Mad Props in 2011:

Writing a shoe box full of new stories and poems
Moving to Toronto and exploring new trees and greens there
Blogging bunches
Completing 3 cities manuscript

Looking forward to in 2012:

3 Cities in print (Look out for it in February!)
Creative Workshops (more about this later)
Travelling (don’t know where, but I’m gonna make it happen)
My Ed-TREE-cation continuing
Future feature performances (in front of people, I know)
Seeing what other crazy things I come up with to blog about

Best of luck on your New Year goals! I’m rooting for you.


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