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My Ed-TREE-cation! Pt. 1

December 1, 2011

My love for trees is undeniable. This much is true. But I’ve always wanted to learn more about my leafy friends. Like the botany behind it all. Or at the very least, the names of the trees. At the farmer’s market by Wychwood Barns (the ballin’est market ever, the kale, the beets the storytent!) I came across L.E.A.F., local enhancement and appreciation of forests. This non-profit is right up my alley as they’re initiative is the preserve the quality of trees in Toronto and inform citizens of what they can do to help. Me! I’m a tree-hugging citizen! I have a blog called writinginatree for crying out loud. The guys at the booth were awesome. Super informative and enthused about all things green and leafy. And I got to learn my first tree. I didn’t have my camera on me and by the time I returned to visit her, she’d gone all orange and autumnal on me. Anyway, here’s the tulip tree aka Liriodendron tulipifera (try saying that five times fast, I can barely say it once).

I can’t remember all the details I learned about the tulip tree except that they grow to be quite tall, when they mature, they bloom unique tulip-shaped flowers and they love sunlight. Plus they have a beautiful unique shaped leaf that resembles a tulip. This gal I found all on her lonesome on the top of a hill hogging the last bit of the October sun. For more ‘scientific’ deets about the tulip tree check out L.E.A.F.’s tree species page (scroll down for the tulip). It’s clear and simple, just the way I like my trees. If you want something more in depth, you can also Wiki it too. Over and out!


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