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POEM: other other bus

September 26, 2011

It’s been too long since I mentioned my upcoming chapbook 3 cities, which I don’t believe I’ve fully explained on my blog so I’ll take the time to do so now. I’m writing a chapbook that began as a writing exercise from my Women with Words writing circle. The challenge was to write about three different places. Naturally I picked my hometown (Bradford) the city I fell in love with (Montreal) and the city that I live in now (Toronto). What started off as three drafts of a poem, expanded into a theme for an almost 30 poem collection of work.

And man has it been work. Writing was the easy part. There’s been editing and reediting and revising and rerevising. But I see the tunnel, things are typeset and I’ve already got a cover in the works. Anyways fellow readers, you will be well informed when 3 cities is complete.

In the meanwhile, I’ve written a few “extra” poems, that may get thrown into the manuscript last minute because I’m crazy and love the punishment. Here’s one of them. Comment, don’t comment. Share, don’t share. But at the very least read dear readers. Enjoy, it’s pretty fresh (as in unedited not ‘cool’ fresh, maybe its both?).

the bus
your bus (you violently possess it)
flips you the finger, the engine
moans lingers down davenport
and you slam a fist
against a wall,
you missed
a rusty jutted nail
by half an inch.

tummy pangs
leaves a mumble in the
wind as decisive and articulate
as you are today, if you walk
you can’t use the transfer but
if you stay you might die of
heat stroke so stay by
shady side of the street
it’s a danger you’re wiling to risk.

cool calms the lips grin for instant
but before your body cools
to the shadows from the rambling trees
a rumble stumbles behind you the bus
your bus
blows past like a blast, too fast to flip the
bird, too angry to be angry
kissing teeth underneath criminal
heat you wait for breeze
that wont blow and wait

between rows
of cars, a mother snaps her baby
in its seat, eyes meet tension in
your jaw melts into a
of not-so-instant
and you
keep walking
down the road in the shade for
your other other bus.

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